Bariatric Assessments

Bariatric Psychological Assessments

Change can be stressful. Often times, even positive and desired changes cause stress. Bariatric surgery is one example of a type of positive yet stressful event. The physical and emotional benefits associated with the surgery are exciting. However, to achieve the results certain lifestyle changes are necessary and adjusting to the new way of living is often stressful.

To help prepare individuals for bariatric surgery and the post surgery lifestyle there are multiple stages included in the bariatric surgery process. Prior to having the procedure one of the steps includes a pre-surgical psychological assessment. The goal of the evaluation is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the individual’s weight management, medical and psychological history.

Examples of some of the areas covered in the assessment include the following:

  • Prior weight loss and dieting attempts
  • Exercise patterns
  • Eating patterns (e.g., emotional eating, habit eating, holiday eating, overeating, binging, grazing, and night eating)
  • Life stressors (recent, current, future)
  • Social support

After the assessment a written report will be provided (with client consent) to the client’s bariatric surgeon. The client will also be provided a copy of the report for his/her records. The report will be completed and sent within two to three days following the assessment session.