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Healthy Eating

November 22, 2022 By Admin

By: Foster Grant I LOVE SNACKS!!! I love all kinds of snacks – crackers, cookies, kolaches, most of all PUP CUPS! The holidays are upon […]


September 28, 2022 By Admin

By: Foster Grant YEP! This is what my anxiety looks like! SHREDDING STUFF UP! When I am left alone or my humans are busy, I […]


August 23, 2022 By Admin

By: Barbara Courville, MBA, LPC-S “I’m So Lonely I Could Cry” by Hank Williams is a song that a lot of people can relate to.  […]


July 12, 2022 By Admin

By: Foster Grant Even though my title is “Therapy Dog” and the expectation is that I comfort and care for people, I do have times […]


June 21, 2022 By Admin

By: Tiara Little, M Ed, LPC-A Supervised by: Barbara Courville, MBA, LPC-S Self-care is a hot topic, one that is often glamorized and may feel […]


June 17, 2022 By Admin

By: Foster Grant My humans don’t know it – but I love my pup friends A LOT! They really understand me. They like to run […]