Professional Supervision

Associate and Student Internship
Available on a limited basis. As a Qualified Site Supervisor, we provide coaching for strengths and for areas needing improvement. This coaching is accomplished by meeting regularly with the Practicum/Internship student to discuss and facilitate the student’s experiences. The Assigned Site Supervisor will establish open, two-way communication and trust with the student. As the Site Supervisor critiques activities, the focus is on developing knowledge, skills, and related competencies. The Site Supervisor and the student discuss the tasks in which the student is engaged so that the Site Supervisor can assist the student in learning from these experiences and verify the hours earned in the supervised activities at the end of the practicum/internship. In addition, the Site
Supervisor will do the following:
• Share their counseling background and experiences to help the trainee understand the legitimate roles of the counselor
• Provide personal insights regarding the profession in a comfortable, trusting atmosphere
• Introduce practicum/internship students to key personnel and familiarize them with the agency/company policies of the specific settings
• Explain their personal counseling approach and use of specific techniques
• Observe and oversee the work of the trainee, review trainee’s log, and offer suggestions for growth
• Assist the trainee in scheduling experiences and opportunities to collect hours so the trainee can complete the practicum/internship
• Assist the trainee in developing the skills that beginning counselors must possess
• Make an honest appraisal of the trainee’s performance as a developing professional
• Keep the designated Program Faculty Supervisor apprised of the trainee’s progress
• Notify the Program Faculty Supervisor of any concerns or problems.

LPC Supervision
Clinical supervision of Licensed Professional Counselor Interns is available onsite or offsite for a limited number of applicants. Applicants must provide evidence of having passed the NCE (National Counselors Examination) prior to beginning supervision. LPC-Interns must also provide a copy of a certificate of current liability coverage prior to the commencement of supervision.

Interested LPC Interns and Associate students should download the application and email to .