About Us

About | Samaritan Counseling Center of Southeast Texas

Samaritan Counseling Center of Southeast Texas is a non-profit counseling organization that uses the concept of mind, body and spirit to promote the healing and growth of people and the reconciliation of couples, families and organizations.  This integration of behavioral sciences and faith traditions is our foundational base for counseling.

Our Goals

  • To provide professional counseling services to individuals and families.
  • To make mental health services available to low income families.
  • To have licensed and certified practitioners in the area of counseling available to respond to the spiritual needs of clients in order to bring about the integration of mind, body and spirit in the healing process.
  • To provide services to the citizens of southeast Texas and surrounding areas.
  • To assist local organizations and congregations with their care-giving ministries.

THE SAMARITAN INSTITUTE – a nonprofit organization headquartered in Denver, is the international office for a network of counseling Centers.  Samaritan Counseling Center of Southeast Texas, accredited by the Samaritan Institute, is a member of this network called The Samaritan Ministry; it is one of the largest providers of professional counseling in the United States.